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Important Dates for Items We Accept PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 02 February 2011 00:00

Beginning JAN 1st - Accepting SPRING and SUMMER clothing items.

From MAY 1st to JUN 15th - Accepting FIRST FLOOR SUMMER clothing for CONSIGNMENT ONLY

                                             (Sorry, we WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING or BUYING Summer 3rd floor clothing.)

From MAY 1st to JUN 15th - ONLY accepting equipment, furniture, large toys and accessories.

Beginning JUNE 15th - Accepting FALL, WINTER and Fall/Winter HOLIDAY clothing items.

From NOV 1st to DEC 15th - Accepting FIRST FLOOR WINTER clothing for CONSIGNMENT ONLY (Holiday until Thanksgiving, only.)

                                                (Sorry, we WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING or BUYING Winter 3rd floor clothing.)

From NOV 1st to DEC 15th - ONLY accepting equipment, furniture, large toys and accessories.

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My Cutie Patootie Resale Tips for Getting Top Dollar

Consignment Clothes sell best when they arrive in near perfect condition, so remember these Kid's Resale Tips:

  • Clothes MUST be recently laundered and FREE of ANY household odors, especially smoke odors. Consider using a little extra fabric softner if they have been stored for awhile. (Remember not to let anyone smoke in your car while transporting them.)
  • Please, NO outdated clothes over 5 years old.
  • Clothes should be on hangers or laid out FLAT and hanger-ready. Nothing should be left inside out or in a condition that would require any preparation or ironing to place them on the sales floor. All we should have to do is tag and place them on a hanger.
  • NOstains, spots, missing buttons, bad zippers or rips. (Check for yellow spit-up spots around collars.)
  • DO NOT bring in plastic bags or stuffed bins that leave your clothing items wrinkled or creased.
  • Please clean your equipment, toys and furniture.  Wash any fabric covers and washable parts. Check to be sure batteries are charged and the equipment, electronic or toy is functioning. (We will charge consignors $1 for every battery we have to replace.)  They should look as good and hygenic as possible in order to sell well.
  • NO cribs with drop sides, NO carseats and NO recalled items without evidence of component, buckle or clip replacement.
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